Sum on Clone Day Period List


Hi Team,


I have created a Clone Day Period list as I require to RANK data that is dimensionalised by Day but I cannot SUM the data into the Clone list when using the mapping


 Time(Day) with the Clone Day List as a property



Source Data dimensionaled by Time(Day) 



 Target module dimensionalised by Clone Day List and referencing the Source data



Is there a restriction when using Time(Day)? I'm aware that you cannot use it as a Line Item property





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  • Hi @MarkTurkenburg ,


    In the source module "SMS Test Source", which dimesnion are you using TIME or Clone List ?




  • Hi @naushad786 


    The SMS Test Source module is dimensionalised by Time - Day



  • it seems so...


    I know when you have time as your dimension, if you SUM over a time mapping it won't get you anything just like here, without any warning, so it is possible that's a limitation.

    Ill try to reproduce first amd get some feedback.

  • prabhu

    Hi @MarkTurkenburg - Yes There are restriction on Time(Day).


    if it is transaction list or any other list act as a dimension in your source module, then your formula works.


    The reason you are not able to see the result in your target module is because,

                                                     when ever you are coming out of Time Dimension(Built in Dimension) then        an additional condition must also be mentioned in your formula.


    Time - Built in Dimension in Anaplan

    Clone Day List - is a List which you have created


    The Term "Coming Out" in my previous sentence means - Source has Time as Dimension

                                                                                                 Target has Custom Time List as Dimension,

    so you don't have TIME dimension in Target.


    in your Scenario - you should use TIMESUM function not SUM function.


    Source Module : Time as Dimension




    Target Module : Clone Day as Dimension





    An Another Example


    Source Module : Time as Dimension


    My objective is "I want to Sum the values based out of Country(Line item: TEST)"





    Target Module : No Time(Build it Dimension) Dimension, but Country as Dimension.






    The Same output as we seen in your example.

    So when ever you come out of Time Dimension, then Look for some Time functions in Anaplan.





    Hope it make sense.




    Sorna Raja Prabhu

  • hi, you can use timesum to achieve this , and from period will be the mapping time to the list value by finditem



    here this is the custom day list in target



    source module with day timescale 

  • @MarkTurkenburg ,


    Don't use timesum as that will be a performance hinderance, but rather create a mapping module with Fake Time (or your Clone Days) to real time and do a lookup.



  • hi @rob_marshall 

    tried doing that but cant make mapping table as not possible to keep time period-day as format for line item




  • Fantasic @rob_marshall!


    I was only using SUM because I could not create a mapping table of Clone Day List to Time(Day) but this fixes that issue...I wasn't aware that Dates was treated the same as Time(Day)



  • Thanks @prabhu 


    Appreciate the detailed reply!


    I'm going to use LOOKUP now that I can create a mapping table of Clone Day List to Date using @rob_marshall example below