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Hi Team


Separating the board and worksheet experience is cause of frustration. Being forced to make that decision as my first actions is real blocker.  I would far rather choose to add a KPI card or not as my mood or User demands it.  Would love the ability to see 'related info' on the side bar in all screens not just worksheets.  


We have already seen some movement in this issue in that we can now edit Boards.  Can we please just complete the picture and creating one concept with all the functionality available

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  • Miran
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  • I agree for example that "grid cards" and worksheets should maintain the same functionalities as they have the same look&feel and the users would be frustrated to have some functionalities on the worksheet grid. 


    I would also like to have access to "Quick links" and "Additional Insights" for the board type pages.

    I see more challenging for the "Addition Inshigts" where the "card" should open in a "Board type" page... maybe opening a new small window that the user can move around in order to be able to see the cards from the board type pages? 


  • I totally agree with the ideas mentioned above.  We really like using Additional Insights and the hidden grid preview in the worksheets because it allows the user to view information as needed. This is really awesome because it's the best of both worlds: the information is there if you need it, but you can still keep your main view very simple.  We also use this feature to create a process of steps that the user can walk through, by keeping the previews hidden the user isn't overwhelmed with all of the steps at once.


    It would be great if we could add the Additional Insights Pane on a Board so that we can use the hidden preview grids (and other cards) on a Board. This way we can still get that 'best of both worlds' scenario of having information available if needed, but tucked away to not overwhelm users with unnecessary data.


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