Rank Function (Two Dimensions)



I have a module with two dimensions (besides time): customer (BA) and sales location (plant). I'm looking to use the RANK function to display the top twenty customers for a specific line item of value (net negative suspense). I want to display the top twenty customers having negative values on a dash, but I'd like it to be dynamic - switching between total company and specific locations. So it will display the top twenty regardless of location as the default but will switch to show the top twenty by location as each of the locations are clicked in other dashboard elements. The only way I could get the RANK function to work at the total company level was to remove the sales location dimension, but then the function is no longer dynamic. How can I rank the customers so that only the top twenty display on a dash but those twenty will dynamically switch based on the sales location (plant) selected? Help please 🙂


  • Misbah



    Did you try to put fifth parameter in the Rank Syntax


    RANK(Net Neg Suspense, ASCENDING,MINIMUM, TRUE, ITEM('L5 Plants'))