Boolean Filter to match List Subset and List in Module



I am trying to create a filter to apply to 'INP Module - No of Frequencies' so that result below can be achieved but am hitting humps.

If the North Track and East Track in 'ss NE' matches the Track L2 column in SYS Module, then the Expected Result is that Serv under

North Track and Serv under East Track should appear under East Track.





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  • naushad786
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    Hi @lps ,


    You can create a filter and apply to the result module. for that you need to create filter module which is dimensioned by subset list and serv list. see the below screenshot.







    Hope It will help you.






  • if you want to check that an item belongs to a subset, you have two create line items dimensionalized by these subsets, formatted as Bollean and with a formula = TRUE.

    You can then check against these line items.

    Do this in your list system module.


    ps: it is important to name a subset with the following pattern: Name of the list - Name of subset

    In your case it would be Track L2 - NE

    this way when you are building in blueprint, you can clearly see what list is being used. While this may not seem useful for you now, it will in 6 months time when you'll have forgotten all about the model.

  • Hi @Nathan

    I totally second your advice in naming the subset, especially that there isn’t an easy way to determine which list a subset belongs to in Anaplan as of now.
    You can do a manual search through all the lists.
  • hi, you can use item(track)=system.track which will identify which serv is in which track  and then filter based on that


  • lps
    Hi all
    Thank you so much for your advice and suggestions. It works wonders.