LEVEL02 SPRINT 3 : Calculation problem



I am having issues calculating the shipping costs. I thought that my formula wasn't working but it's working perfectly . You can check with SHipping cost per 1000 that the value is correcly imported (65). Then when i multuply this amount by Final shipping amount 8149 i get 532610 ijnstead of 529685 like presented in the course exemple (i didn't divide by 1000 yet but that's not the problem here). It's driving me crazy and i still can find where is the mistake. The formula is very a very simple multiplication. 

Could you please help me please ?





  • @Younes

    The final shipment amount being calculated here is 8,194 not 8,149. The shipping costs formula is calculating correctly. If you believe the final shipment amount should be 8,149 then you will need to trace that formula to route cause the issue.