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Possibility to hide a list in the rows (in classic we just assigned a column width of 6 and it would not display). This does not seem possible in NUX. Especially on transaction data loads this is often used.

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  • Hi,
    If you publish a view of a module which is saved with the column width as 6 pxls, the list remains “hidden” in the NUX.







    And regarding the other alternative: if you decided to publish a Custom view, instead of a saved Module view. It is possible to adjust the width of the columns at the end of the process, once the module is published in the page and before leaving the design mode. You can adjust it by dragging the column edges as if it was Excel. Anaplan will remember this design every time that you open the page:




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  • @PedroPeredo 

    Thank you Pedro! That will work.

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