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I would like the ability to copy and paste an entire grid like you can in the classic UX.  Although we primarily plan in Anaplan, there are many times where we copy and paste grids into google sheets for ad hoc work.  It was very easy to copy and paste the entire grid in the classic view.   I know you can export into excel but that is a pain to open and download.  If command+c is not an option, at least having a "copy" selector on the export page would work so it copies to your clipboard instead of creating a whole file.  

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  • Miran
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  • Agree with this 100%. We've had users request access to copy the chart or grid from NEW UX into Excel and load back in. It appears you actually can CTRL C and grab the entire grid, however it doesn't outline in blue indicating that it has been selected or copied. When selecting the top left corner of the grid, you can copy, but there is no indication the grid is selected. 


    You can highlight an individual row or column and the blue indicator shows around the rows you have selected, but it doesn't show when you select the entire grid. 

  • This would be very helpful for our users as well!

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