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Hi All,


I wanted to Highlight one issue which we face in development and making the dashboards more user friendly by Selecting the Menu Options in Classic UX and Quick Menu options on the top of Grid in New UX.


Classic View - In the classic view if we disable Filter, Import, Column Settings or other settings from the Menu Options it get disabled for the Developers also or WSA. If we have to make changes to any Grid than we have to first switch that again and change and again disable. Which i think should be restricted for End Users only. 




In case if New UX, 


It is currently limited to few functionalities but again if we see that we have the option of to Hide or Show the pivoting option for the end user, but the improvement what we can have is that the If choose to Hide the Pivot option than it should be only for end users.

Also for other Sort, Show/Hide Line Column should be made flexible if we want to show or Hide on the New UX.







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  • Miran
    edited November 2022
  • RobertPhilcox
    edited November 2022

    Now with the release of synchronised scroll it would be great to have this feature on the new UX so that one grid does not fall out of sync with another

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