Reference another list in a module dimensioned with one list

My module is dimensioned with a numbered list, let's say Segment>Product#; I'm trying to retrieve the hierarchical parent from another list P2 Product in order to get the product family for each single product.

The line item (format 'List') formula I used was to reference directly that list: PARENT(ITEM('P2 Product')). However, it was incorrect, error notification saying that my line item does not apply to P2 Product list, and it applies to Segment>Product#...

Can anyone help on this issue?  Since I've already got P2 Product and Product code as line items in the module, both formatted 'text', I also tried another way by directly lookup the product's family in list: 'P2 Product'.Parent [LOOKUP: Product Code], it's invalid as expected..

I'm not able to get a list formatted P2 Product due to dimension mismatch.  



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