Medical Costs-Cert Question



I have trying to complete the Medical costs for 2 days now and I can figure it out. I created the list of roles:


Created EMP003 Employees-imported employees by roles data


Added Roles to SYS08 then imported the txt:


I try to amend the formula to take in EMP003 annd SYS08 Roles 

Medical costs -  IF Employed? THEN 'EMP003 Employee Drivers By Role'.Medical[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Department, LOOKUP: 'SYS08 Employee Details'.Role] ELSE 0


It keeps failing saying format of mapping used for lookup doesnt match any dimension of the source










  • hi @ciara 

    what is the target module where you are entering this formula,

    it seems formula is correct as source contains e1 dept and role and mapping also maps to them, just ensure the dimensions are same



  • @Kanishq17 


    Its the cert Q4 to get the medical Costs. I have tried this for 2 days different ways so I must be missing something 

  • @ciara 


    Can you attach a snip of the employee driver by role, sys employee details and the module where you are entering the formula


  • The imports is it?
  • Of the excel/text like the imports?

  • @ciara 

    Yes, and where in the model are you loading the file

  • ciara_0-1591786687764.png

    I am loading this into EMP003


    and the txt file to SYS08


    imported to As 



  • hi @ciara 

    the data is loading correctly I suppose as the mappings look good, can you show the module snip where you are applying lookup to refer value from EMP003 module based on SYS08 mappings, also are values coming for other cost like phone etc?


  • ciara_0-1591791971405.pngciara_1-1591792036712.png

    It is the same for all costs

  • hi @ciara 

    it is not mapping issue, it is a syntax error in the formula, before EMP003 there are double quotes, it must be single quote ,

    it shouls be 'EMP003..' but yours is showing "EMP003..' , correct the syntax, it should work fine


  • Oh thank you.... simplest thing!! thanks 

  • Hi @ciara, Im stuck in the same place as you were. Keeps saying "Data type mismatch: format other than LIST or DATE being referenced as a relation". Please help