Filter by formula


I have a particular existing module.

Now I want to create a new module which will only have the filter records.

Please assist.





  • Hello @Sravan_Kumar 


    could you please clarify what is the filter exactly? 
    Will the user select a value to filter or there will be a different logic that will result in one “fruit” value?

  • Yes @einas.ibrahim, I want a new module which will contain data of Orange only and not any other fruits.

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Why do you want to create a separate module, you can achieve this by just creating one filter and apply in this module itself and save the view.






    Hope this helps!




  • Hi  Akhtar.shahbaz,


    I have a limitation, I can import from the module or can create reference formula.

    But I am not allowed to create a saved view.


    Please can you help suggesting any other alternative. 

  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    One option is to create one extra line filter for orange  and then create a separate module to pull the information from your source module. other option is import action.









    Hope this helps!




  • Hi @Akhtar.shahbaz,


    I am sharing my doubt.

    I want to delete the highlighted records.

    Is it possible, without creating a filter?





  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 

    Is "orange" going to change based on a user input for example? I'm sorry I can't get a clear understanding of the issue.

  • hi @Sravan_Kumar 

    you can set a subset in the list which will be true for all orange products, you can achieve it by running an import to mark the items true based on orange boolean 


    this can be setup as an action ,

    then use another module with the subset as a dimension and set another import to bring data from module to the other module


    this module has the subset of the main list as its dimension


  • @Sravan_Kumar 


    Requirement seems to be little confusing,

    1. Would you like to import the Orange records to another module..?

    2. Would you like to delete orange records..?

    3. Would you like to import orange records to another module and delete orange records from the primary module.



    Adding on to the Solution of @Akhtar.shahbaz  


    Create one more text line item in the above table  and write an if condition in it.

    IF Orange filter? then Blank else Fruit.


    Then hide the first column. Similarly can be done for fruit type and count lineitems.

    Just a work around not a perfect solution though.


    If you want just delete the orange records:-

    Create an action "Clear list using Selection"  based on the Orange filter? lineitem as in above table.

    This will clear the Orange records rows completely.


    Hope this helps

    ~ Abhi