Delete record without saved view or filter


Hi Friends,


I have a Module from which I want to delete the highlighted records.

But without using filter or saved view.

I can use any formula to do so.


Is is possible by any chance?

Kindly help me, if you had worked in a similar restriction.





  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Are you talking about to delete entire row or only highlighted one you want to delete?

    1). If you don't want to use filter & Save View then the only option you have is to delete item manually from the list.



    2. If you want to delete only highlighted one the i will recommend you use DCA to hide that value if it is not orange. Just apply DCA "Is not orange" as write in fruit line item.



    Hope this helps!



  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    Similar to what @Akhtar.shahbaz said...

    1. Do you want to delete the whole row of data - meaning the list items 1,4, 5 ..etc
    2. Or you want the list item/ the row to be empty i.e delete the values in the line items?


    I would not use DCA to just hide the values unless there is a need to show these values later.


    Usually, we don't allow end-users to delete records. So are you doing this to clean up the data or this is part of an ongoing activity - and that's why you are asking for a formula?


    If you are cleaning data then the manual delete is your best option.

    If this is an ongoing activity and part of a process then please answer the questions above so we can determine the more suitable solution.




  • Misbah



    Here are a few other options apart from what others have mentioned in the thread


    1. Assuming "Fruit" line item is a list formatted line item you can Delete the list item Orange from the list and re insert Orange back. Be cautious about this because it is model level change and if there is an input in any other module that too will be wiped out.

    2. You can hard code it to Orange in your formula and return BLANKs for the same. This is not the recommended way of doing things but if it is just one time you can go ahead and do it and remove the hard coding once you achieve the desired results


    Hope that helps


  • not sure why nobody mentioned the action "Delete from list using selection" which is what we use to clean lists. It must be based on a boolean which you already have. Just need to run the action.

  • Misbah

    @nathan_rudman  because it wasn't clear whether he wanted to delete the entire row or just the inputs in that particular line item. I believe @Akhtar.shahbaz  did raise this in his reply.

  • No Fruit was not a list item, it is a list formatted line-item.

    And I am not able to delete by running Action button. 

  • Yes @Misbah, I wanted to delete the entire row.

  • then my suggestion works.

    Important to know this action will delete if boolean is true. So you need to NOT the one you have already
  • Misbah



    In that case please go ahead and use "Delete from List Using Selection" Option as @nathan_rudman  suggested.


    Action->New Action->Delete from List Using Selection 


    Hope that helps


  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    What's is the issue you are running into when using action? 

  • hi @Sravan_Kumar 

    you can use 'Delete from list using selection' action to delete based on boolean true, so you can add a boolean which is true for all not orange list members, then go to actions>delete from list using selection, in that select list members you want to remove and select boolean condition as the line item based on which you wish to delete