Finditem() with Numbered List



How can we use finditem() to search elements of a numbered list (Display Name)??

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  • Hi @PratyakshDua01 


    Are you saying you have the "Display Name" and you want to return the List Item corresponding to that List Name from the Numbered List?


    Do you want to return the Display Name?

  • anirudh
    Hi Pratyaksh,

    Complete the FINDITEM normally. Then to get the Display Name, use this formula:
    NumberedList.Display Name[LOOKUP: <FINDITEM line item>]

    What do you mean by search elements?


  • I just want to return Display Name of a numbered List from the another Text formatted Line Item using finditem(),Is it possible ??

    Thanks for your reply @einas.ibrahim 

  • I have one Text formatted line item in a module and wants to get the display name corresponding to that text formatted line Item members but the problem is finditem() is not able to recognize the text formatted Line Items members from the Display Name so its not returning anything but formula is running .

    Thanks for yr reply @anirudh .

  • anirudh

    Got it now!

    In that case the link posted by @einas.ibrahim should do the trick


    But I would recommend adding a code to your numbered list, this can be the same as display name but try to avoid that, because display names may contain duplicates. If you are able to create the code, same as the display name or even any other code, my approach will work fine. Make sure to complete the finditem with the second argument in the formula pointing to the code of the list instead of the display name of the list


    Hope this helps