NUX Selection on Line Items as Context Selectors



I would like to be able to select specific Line Items to create required views on a page on which more than one module is published. Currently it is not possible.

Imagine following, simplified example, it was requested to see Volume & Turnover by Country, and P&L on the same page. However, there are many line items in the P&L module, I would like to show only amounts after allocation, or only manual adjustments made to the P&L. 

- First of all, upon publishing two modules, line items from only one module are shown as Context Selector. Note that now Line Items from first grid are shown, however in edit mode, Line Items from second grid are shown as Context Selectors.


- If any selection is made on Line Items as Context Selectors, data from other grid would disappear.




I believe it's also connected with other idea I posted couples of days ago, that we are not able to select Line Items while creating the view and pivot to Context Selectors.


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