Getting the maximum line number entered for each user


Hi everyone.


I would like to change the number of lines displayed for each user.



In this case, I would like to display the 3rd to 10th lines to user A and display the 12th to 20th lines to user B.

So I exclude the number of entered lines...


I was thinking of using the RANK function, but it seems that I cannot use it if "Users" in "Applies To".


Could you tell me a good solution?


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  • Hi @taku.s ,


    Enable Selective Access to List with Sr No Id's. and assign the respective ID's to the User A and User B


    This will help.


  • Misbah



    Answer lies in Line item Subsets. Read more Line Item Subsets Demystified - Anaplan Community


    Search for Filters in the above Article and read that use case. I am sure you'd be able to pull it off. Let us know if you need any assistance


    Hope that helps


  • Hi @taku.s 


    If i have to guess, it looks like every 'User' is reserved 10 personal lines, i.e. line 1-10 is for User A, line 2-20 is for User B, etc.


    For such duplication, i would suggest another approach.


    Create a module with 'Users' and 'Rows' as the list, where 'Rows' is a Flat List with 10 members, i.e. Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, etc ...


    To include the requirements you mentioned below, please refer to the following:

    Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 08.56.28.pngScreen Shot 2020-06-16 at 08.56.36.png

    1. 'Input Module' is as mentioned above, i.e. a module by User and Blank Rows.

    2. I added another input module, i.e. Show/Hide by User to allow each users to select if they want to 

    2.1 Show all lines, or

    2.2 Show only lines without inputs in 'Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3'

    3. Then you just need to create a filter on 'Show?'.




  • @Jitendra.Vishnolia 


    Assuming 1st column in the excel sheet to be list.(1- 21)

    I guess enabling selective access can fulfill your requirement without use of any extra build effort being cognizant about size.



    Hope this helps.



  • hi @taku.s , 

    Let me know if this helps or not as you showed module B , create a same module with users list as dimension and start and end lines as 2 line items


    2. then create a filter module with dimension you need to filter and user dimension and create a boolean filter based on start and end


    3. then apply this as a filter to the module which you need to filter on base of current user and publish to dashboard



    this is the final view on dashboard


    Now I changed the start and end lines and the view got updated when I refreshed the dashboard

  • taku.s



    Thank you for your reply.

    Your implementation proposal is very helpful.


    I have a question. How can I get the maximum number of rows entered for each user?

    What I want to do are display a range of input lines for each user and show only 10 blank lines in that range.


    Sorry for the unsuccessful explanation.

    Best regards,