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I have line item (status interco) where if amount blue and red not same it will be give text "Unbalance"



but i dont know how to compare every item


Any ideas are appreciated.



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  • nathan_rudman

    Ideally you should not do ICO reconciliation at the transactional level.

    Create a list of accounts, map every transaction to it and bring the values there.

    Then have a mapping of every asset account and its liability counter part (with two subsets)

    You can then easily and visually compare that each account with ICO is balanced ( and bring it down at the transaction level if you want)


    of course this can also be done by trade partner by adding a dimension.


  • Misbah



    How are you comparing the numbers. Is it Row 1 vs Row 2, Row 3 vs Row 4?

  • Panji

    Hi @nathan_rudman 


    Thankyou for respon, 

    can you give me view(detail) about your suggestion




  • what dimensions do you already have in your model ?

    Account, Country/Currency ?

    Can you show me the full blue print of your transaction module ?

  • Panji

    in this model im only use 1 dimension(list Balance sheet with parent Entity)

    and using line item trading partner, Account 





  • ok so what I meant is that you can create a new module with Account Number and Entity as a dimension.

    In there you can write a formula like:

    Transaction Module.Amount in LC[SUM:Transaction module.Account Number, Sum: Transaction module.Entity]


    This will show you the amounts by entity and account number. You can then easily see if they are balanced.

  • Panji

    so you meant if we want to know data balance or not, we need to see in another module(new module we created  before) ?

  • it would be better I think.
    but a MODULE, not MODEL.