Parent and Ratio


Hi, I need a ratio along a list called 'P&L' I made 2 line items :

  • MyRef = PARENT(ITEM('P&L'))
  • ratio = Budget N/ Budget N[LOOKUP: MyRef]

MyRef give the real parent of the P&L list. Everythings seems OK here. Ratio give zero (!) which is wrong by the way the forumula Budget N[LOOKUP: MyRef] gives 0 also How can i bring the value of the parent to calculate my ratio ? Best regards, Yls

Best Answer

  • elizabeth_schaf
    Is this a composite hierarchy? Or a hierarchy in one list?
    If you have a hierarchy in one list, then the look up will not work.


  • There are several reasons this may not be pulling the right number for you. Did you already check your dimensions?
  • Hi. Does anyone know the solution for the question? I was struggling with the same issue.