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New to anaplan platform, i want to insert the formula in my system module and i know we can search it in anaplan anapedia under all functions tab to see which function to apply. But it's not easy to search for a particular line item.

Eg i want to insert formula for years only? boolean formatted line item, so how to find out which formula needs to be inserted?


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  • paolovm
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    Wouldn't that be from the training?


    From memory as part of the training they would explain how to construct these formulas later on in the material - does that make sense?


    Otherwise if it is for a specific use case of yours would be good if you could explain what you're trying to achieve with the line item.


  • anirudh

    Hi Kunal,

    There's quite a number of ways to do a given thing in Anaplan. Over time, you'll learn the most important functions and they will be at your fingertips!
    For now, can you share what dimension applies to the subsidiary view (the Years only? line item) in your screenshot and I can help you with the year formula


  • kunal_311_0-1592504216168.png

    Hi Anirudh,

    I had made 9 system modules a few of them but most of them I can't find it, I posted this module for a reference if I can get an away as in how to search or where to look for formulas.

    Just to give another example:


    I was able to decode the code formula only:




  • @kunal_311  

    As per my understanding of the requirement,


    1. SYS01 Time settings by year module should be dimensioned by year (i.e. Change the timescale of the module to year), rather not applicable. 

    For the below lineitems in Applies to enter "-".

    2. For Years only ? -    Currentperiodstart()  = START()

    3. Forecast Years? -   START() >= Currentperiodstart() 

    FYI :-


    Try this, Else if you could elaborate the requirement with some more details,can help with the formulas.





  • Hi @kunal_311 


    In the first module of time settings if you will use this as filter module and applied the time dimension as time range for Current period, So you just need to activate all boolean by putting True Condition and use them as Filters. 


    In case you want to achieve this from Model Current Period than you can use below two Formulas 


    Current Period - CURRENTPERIODSTART() = START() 

    Forecast period - START() >= Current Period Start


    By START function you can achieve the start date and reconcile with the current period of model month start date, If the both are same it will show true.



    In second you are correctly approaching just that rest of data will come in the training for upload except for few dimension which are parent of the employee list or any other line item. Use Parent Item to get the results.



    Happy Modeling and welcome to Anaplan.




  • Just to add - Years Only? is not a function in itself but the name of the line item

    One of the advantages of Anaplan is you can call line item whatever you with with no impact on the rest of the model.

    I would also add, that I have the calculation functions bookmarked as there are so many functions available.

    So once you are more familiar with the Anaplan concepts are are building on your own before you try and build out the line items take time to think about the problem and check the calculation functions.  you might surprise yourself and find a calculation function that does exactly what you want

    Remember the Zen of Anaplan - Simple is better than complex


    Enjoy your Anaplan journey