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As an end-user I want to have a button / link to jump from one board or worksheet in App 1 directly to a board or worksheet in App 2, so that I can continue in a different planning process. For example, if there is an App for S&OP and I'm part of the Financial Business Review, I want to be able to jump directly to the FP&A app and continue my planning process. Another common scenario is the linkage between a planning app (small end-user group) and a separate app for reporting & analytics (larger user group). The solution can be to enable the existing card links for cross-App linkage.

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  • Miran
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  • I support! That would be super cool. Very relevant, because I want to make more different APPS. At the same time, I want to give the most comfortable experience of interacting with several APPS.

  • But while there is no native solution, I offer a good workaround. You need to make LI in the text/link format and add a link to the desired App or page in it. And publish as field card.

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