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Hi Friends,


I am struck with a difficult situation.

I have Module 1 and this is the Data Hub and the Date is stored in Text Format.


Every quarter I need to pull the data and make it look like Module 2.


Now my problem is as the Date is in Text Format, I was trying to find the current year.

By converting Text to Number and then Rank.


But it didn't work.


Any help will be highly appreciated.



This works only when we can refer the Time Period.

But here, date is stored as Text.







  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar -


    Follow these steps to convert Text formatted date to Real DATE











    refer my previous post to get the current year or current quarter



  • Thanks @prabhu for yoyr generous kind help.

    This is a new solution and is very useful.


    But my requirement is different. Let me brief you on this.

    What I am trying is to create a Lookup function of the Sys Period. But it shows as a different dimension.

    If I would just pull up only te values of the current period, Jun 20. Then that will be really helpful.







  • you can just PERIOD() the date to get the time period


    but that won't help you lookup in your sys module. What is this dimension Year (A) and Year (B) ?

  • prabhu

    Hi @Sravan_Kumar,


    I am sorry brother. i am not 100 % clear.


    I assume that in

    abc main mod - current month line item - you except "june 20".

    Which should be formula driven based on abc sys mod 1 - Year (B) line item.


    if this is that?

    Then formula for current month line item is : abc sys mod 1.Year (B)


    Can you please elaborate more by referring respective line item.



  • Thanks Bro for the reply.

    I was able to resolve it.