Rename List items


Dear Friends,


I need some help from you.

I want to update my list.


My initial list items (12 list items), will be renamed and a new list will created with the (4 list items).







  • @Sravan_Kumar 



    Can you provide more clarity as to what you need, do you need to reload the list with the new items or in the existing list, create a subset and aggregate count based on same name?



  • Hi @Kanishq17,


    No, not a subset.

    It will be renamed.

    Orange1 remains Orange1

    Orange2 becomes Orange1

    Orange3 becomes Orange1.


    You can see the sales count.

    It will help for better clarification.

  • You can create a action to delete the list using delete using selection action, in the boolean you specify which list items you wish to delete and then reupload the file with the new items, if you load the new file, anaplan will update the count for matching items and not delete the existing list



    This will help you



  • This is not the correct answer.


    My question was to rename the list members with an existing list name.

  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    If it is a general list , Orange2 cannot become Orange1 as duplicate entries are not allowed, so you can only keep the 1 entries, then delete remaining items and change the count in the source file and then upload again

  • @Sravan_Kumar , 

    But you need count to be aggregated , so instead of keeping multiple , use only 1 item 

  • I think we can do it by SUM function.

  • Anyways In case you need to have multiple items with same name, you need the list to be a numbered list and keep a display name property which will allow you to rename items


  • Thank You.

  • For using SUM,

    create another list with only items you need i.e ones and in that module create a ine item list formatted to the new list and then establish mapping , then in the target use count[sum:mapping],

    But this will require a new  list 

  • Misbah



    Assuming this list is not being used as a dimension by more than one module you can follow these steps:


    1. Create a new list (lets call it SK Fruits) with below mentioned 4 items

    2. Create a mapping module dimensioned by Fruits list and map it with SK Fruits. For Example

    Orange 1 - Orange 1

    Orange 2 - Orange 1

    Orange 3 - Orange 1

    3. Create a new module dimensioned by SK Fruits and use SUM Function to aggregate the values based on the mapping from Step 2.

    Module 1.Count[SUM: Mapping Module. Mapping Line item]

    4. If needed you can get rid of Fruits list, if it is not being used anywhere else


    Hope that helps