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Hi Team,


I'm creating a Time Map module  for Time Dimension - Months for a Model Calendar with Weeks with Half-Year Totals selectred


The 1st Line Item in my Time Map is ITEM(TIME) which Time Period - Month as the Format & Formulas as the Summary


My expectation was that for Parent items, e.g. Half-Year or Year, it would return the Half-Year or Year ITEM but it is returning the 1st item in that Parents list. So for H1 FY20 it is returning Jan20. Any ideas on why this is not returning those values?







This question has arisen because I was trying to create a filter for Time - Weeks where Weeks & Months were TRUE but Half-Year & Year were FALSE







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  • rob_marshall
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    @MarkTurkenburg ,


    Here you go...


    In the Weekly SYS Time module, create a line item Weekly? formatted a boolean with the formula being TRUE.




    Do the same thing for Month (create a SYS Time - Month) module:



    Go back to SYS Week Time module and create the following line item (Week and Month):



    And then change the summary to Formula:




    For a Final result of:




    Hope this helps,




  • @MarkTurkenburg ,


    For the parents, simply create new line items for half, and year and the formulas will be parent(of the below member).  For example, for



    Year = parent(Half)


    So now, if you are wanting to see the Half but the module is dimensionalized at the month level, you would just bring in the Half line item.





  • Thanks @rob_marshall 


    I have those line items too but was surprised the ITEM formula didn't return the parent items in the list - I just tried it on General List and it errors if you use Formula as the Summary option so this must not be possible


    My end aim is to create a Line Item in the 'Time Filter (Weeks)' module where it is TRUE for all Weeks and all Parent Item Months but FALSE for Parent items Half-Year & Year


    My inital thought was to do:


    IF TimeMap (Months).ITEM <>  TimeMap (Half-Year).ITEM OR TimeMap (Months).ITEM   <> TimeMap (Year).ITEM 


    But this won't work due to not being able to return the Parent items with the ITEM formula


    Is there any other way to return 1 level of Parent as TRUE in the Summary but not others?






  • Thanks @rob_marshall!


    I actually just finished the solution as the email notification popped up. I had the same solution as yourself but I created a Boolean in each of the Time Map modules for Time (Weeks) & Time (Months) & set both to TRUE with Summary as NONE


    Then the same Formulas as yours for the Time Filter (Weeks) module with a direct reference to both line items above joined by an OR with Summary as FORMULA