NUX Forms - Expansion of Required Field Types: Booleans, List Formatted Properties, etc



It looks like Text formatted list properties can be marked as required fields in the New UX forms which is great.  However, we'd like to be able to expand required field types to include:

  • Boolean formatted List Properties
  • List formatted list properties
  • Module Line Items

An example of why we'd like the additional formats to be required is that we are using a form to allow Sales Managers to create a "TBH" (to-be-hired employee) on a Sales Rep list. We'd like to have a clear way of indicating that the list item created with this form was a TBH so that we can generate a specific TBH code. If we had a required boolean property, this would be very easy as the Sales Manager would have to select "Is a TBH?" in order to create the item.  Alternatively, if we had a required list formatted property we could force the Sales Manager to select either "TBH" or "Sales Rep" thus definitively indicating what type of item has been created.


Even though we can still include these fields today, they are optional and not required, therefore there's risk of user error.  We can also create a required text field, but have no way of ensuring data is entered in a consistent format.

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  • @ebayliss 


    These are already available in NUX Forms. PFB the screenshot. Just created a Form with all the properties having diff formats in each property.



  • @Misbah 


    read the idea "Even though we can still include these fields today, they are optional and not required, therefore there's risk of user error."

  • @filip.sypniewski I must have overlooked it. Anyway I am not a huge fan of list properties so I stay away as much as I can. I will rather use modules to do the job.

  • @Misbah, 100% agreed! 


    What is really nice in NUX, you can use System Modules following best practices, and still be able to create forms. As you can see I do not have any properties on the list:



    I think it is great feature, and support the idea to be able to make other fields mandatory too!

  • @filip.sypniewski Exactly. That was my point.


    Something for NUX development team - why do you have to confuse people when there are best practices already established, which is not to use List Properties. As far as I can see NUX eliminates the usage of List Properties completely unless someone comes up with an exception. Apart from Name & Code we really shouldn't have anything out there

  • Great discussion, I would definitely agree that using Modules is better than list properties, if we could expand required fields to include module line items formatted as booleans, or list formatted that would be fine with me.  Just looking for a way to have required fields in a form that aren't text formatted.  Unless I missed something, I don't think you can require Module line items on a form today.

  • Came across this today. Strange that they only applied it for TEXT. I guess somebody sees "comments" as priority for forms. Any idea if the "is required"-feature is already under construction for other field types?

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