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I have a module with customised timescale. In Module A, dimensioned 24 Week Custom Timescale. In Module B with no dimension, I would like to get Sum of 12 Weeks from Module A. Any leads, please? 



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  • jasonblinn
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    I would use a lookup.


    Module 1 has your line with Data in it. You can add a line to Cumulate across your custom time list.

    Formula could look like this: CUMULATE(Data,FALSE,Custom Time Scale List)




    In this case we want to get the number from month 12 it sounds like, so I would create a selector that would allow us to define month 12. This selector would make sense in a SYS module, however, in this mockup I just included it in the same grid. Then Lookup this number using a formula like this: 'Module 1'.Cumulate[LOOKUP: Month to Lookup]



    As you can see I have my sum from the first 12 now displayed in a module that is not dimensionalized by our custom time scale. 





  • This works! Thanks

  • @jasonblinn  In case if I would need to get moving average then the lookup is working for Particular Week. Example :


    I tried using lookup Current Period -1 but somewhere I'm lost. Can you help with this?