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I would like to be able to make a different selection of line items for different members of my dimension. This is something that is possible currently in classic interface and would be great if it's also available in NUX. Please see example below:


Currently, I am able to make a selection, for US I want to see 3 line items, for Canada 4, and all 5 Line items for Mexico.


This is unfortunately not possible currently in NUX.


We have some cases in which it would be beneficial to create such views. This is only possible using saved view, though for example conditional formatting has different colors. We would prefer to create it directly using Custom View. 


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Filip Sypniewski

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  • Miran
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  • Hey @filip.sypniewski , 


    If all your line items are numbers, then you can create a Line Item Subset and create a Filter Module with your new LIS dimension and a boolean to set up the filtering criteria. 


    In the new UX you can use your filtering module while setting up the custom view. 


    Hope this helps, 


  • Hi @andres.ayon,

    yes, that works great for numbers, it is nice way to leverage LIS. Unfortunately, in the case we encountered, the line items were list-formatted. Maybe I should have included that in the explanation. There were different characteristics of different categories. However, I assume, usually that could be numbers so there is good workaround.



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