NUX 'Completely' un-sync objects on Boards


Hello, we are currently struggling with the option to 'Sync with page' in the New UX.  It seems that if you remove the 'sync with page' option, this only functions in one direction.  Meaning that an 'un-synced' grid will not update when a page is selected, however when an item in the 'un-synced' grid is selected the rest of the grids on the page will still sync to this item.  So the non-synced feature works when the grid is a 'target', but not when it is a 'source'. To get around this at the moment, we would need to remove the 'sync with page' option on every single object on a Board, and a user would need to select items one at a time which becomes burdensome.  Is there any way to chose an option where you are removing the 'sync with page' for both selections made at the page level and selections made on the 'un-synced' grid?

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