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Being a Business User, I would like to be able to share My Pages with colleagues.


Currently, I can only share App page via a link. However, if I prepare some modifications on My Page copy, I want to be able to share it.

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  • Miran
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  • Miran
    Status changed to: New
  • Is there still no way to accomplish this?  Can this be functionality be added, or is there a work around?  

  • This is an excellent suggestion. I routinely lead end-user trainings on working with My Pages, and I am consistently asked if there is a way to share personal pages with other users.

    This would be a huge addition to the Page Builder platform and certainly drive user adoption of Anaplan.

  • Is there an update on if/when the share My Pages functionality may be added? 

  • My suggestion:

    Allow a user to share their My Page with another user.  It would, perhaps, open up in edit mode.  The recipient could then hit Publish and now they have their own version of that My Page.

  • Any update on this?  It would really help bridge the gap between allowing a self-service Anaplan while not having to give a Page Builder role.

  • I think it would be super useful for users. Especially for preparing e.g. report pages. 

  • Any update? I'm frequently seeing business leads and managers wanting to show their teams specific views of a personal page with no ability to do so outside of exporting to a PDF. 

  • Any update? I know page builders seem to be able to publish but has this been made availalbe to non-page builders yet?

  • This would be extremely helpful functionality for our organization's end-users (non-page builders) as well.

    Some of the My Pages created by end-users take time to create, so being able to share them with a fellow colleague would be very beneficial to overall productivity.

  • AmyX

    This is an important function for end-users. It'd be great to share the My page by, say, sharing the page link. The access control is still there by model settings so users are still seeing whatever they're allowed to see.

    Is there any update on this idea?

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