New UX - Keep Show/Hide Selection when doing a re-pivot


Currently, if I do the show/hide in a Custom View, then changing the position of dimension (re-pivoting) causing resetting of Show/Hide selection.


I would like to be able to keep the selection even after re-pivoting, similarly to Classic UX.

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  • Miran
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  • YES, please! This annoys all of my end-users and has simply worked in Classic UX / any source module.

  • This would be a huge help for us as well to avoid duplicate modules and provide a better end user experience.

  • This needs to be built into the UX to avoid frustrations for the end users. Its essential to keep the selections after repivoting.

    Without this functionality it becomes frustrating and users stop using UX and revert back to old dashboards (where the functionality exits). Thus it becomes difficult to get UX buy in

  • I agree. Currently I am doing a project that requires this functionality

  • This is quiet annoying that this feature is not there. It will be a great time savior especially for personal page builders since they are literally missing time again and again trying to find the best pivot for their needs and using show/hide option each time.

  • This is one of the disadvantages of New UX against Classic UX. I think that it sounds logically that in New UX the things should be better or at least the same as in Classic UX. This is terrible that we have such ability in Classic UX but don't have it in New UX.

  • @nordnick @KirillZ @SergeyYankovsky 

    How do you mean? Show/hide settings stay also in NUX when pivoting on worksheets. This applies though only for items visible on the grid and not for context selectors (as in classic UX). However, most end-users won't notice this.


    Unfortunately, it is still missing when creating a worksheet / board. In this case, I fully agree that this should be in place after 2 years with NUX. 

  • @PhilippErkinger 

    First of all, thanks for your reply.

    We do only have a problem when we place the line items in context selectors from rows/columns and vice versa. We have a model which we are transferring from Classic to NUX. And the users are really used to pivoting the grids in all ways possible. So, we have to enable them to pivot the grids with no issue. We have to create workarounds for users to manipulate information in the most efficient way, and in this this model it often includes pivoting for data comparison.


    So, yeah, we need the show/hide setting to be in place when putting line items from rows/columns to context selectors.

  • I understand. That's indeed the area that is still missing... Maybe good to flag with your Anaplan CS/BP. 🙂

  • I would highly appreciate this funcionality in new UX.

    Thank you

  • CiaronKul
    edited February 2023

    I had this same problem and found this thread when looking into the issue. But I have discovered that there is a workaround.

    You indeed still lose the show hide selections when you do the pivots in the Card Configuration > View table. But then once you have made the required pivots in the View table, you can then use the context selector for that list on the general page configuration and use the Show / Hide options from there.

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