• Hi Will,


    Your 2nd formula is close ,a little tweak required in that.

    1. The employee expense report summary module has a dimension of versions and EMP02 module doesn't, hence the IF should be considering the forecast. (Use SYS09 module) 

    2. Only one lookup might be required - The employee expense report summary is dimension-ed by country but lookup in the formula is by region rather country.

    3.Else condition will not be zero as the IF statement should be defined for forecast as well as actual. (Use DATA01 module for Actuals)


    Hope this helps


  • Hi Will,
    I wanted to know how you write the Formulas for Employee Expense Summary Module. My guess for the first one is below.
    IF Employed? THEN Salary [LOOKUP :'SYS08 Employee Details'.Role, LOOKUP:'SYS08 Employee Details'.Region] ELSE 0

    Thank you
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    Where'd the question go?

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  • Never mind. I figured it out. 


    Thank you