Circular Reference issue

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Please see attachment for details. My apologies my post encountered an error so I have to attach the details



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  • Misbah
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    It doesn't look like a composite hierarchy. So I would say lets create a subset of all Total/Average and ignore Parking portion from the list just to be on the safer side


    Once you create a subset create below module. I created additional two line items so that they help me in getting me the correct output at top level by having RATIO at the summary level






    Hope I got the requirement correct and hope that it helps





  • Hi @Jsdeloria21,


    Can you clarify my doubts so that i will analyse your problem well.


    1. i assume Flr Area, units, SP(VAT -ex) are line items and Unit Mix is a dimension of a module.


    2. Total/Average (Flr Area) = (Flr Area (Studio)*Unit(Studio)) + (Flr Area (1 BR) *Unit (1BR))+ (Flr Area(2BR)*Unit(2BR)) + (Flr Area (3BR))*Unit(3BR)) + Flr Area(4BR) * Unit *4BR)) /Unit(Total/Average


    is it a formula written on Flr Area line item...?


    3. Total/Average (SP(VAT -ex))=(SP VAT-ex (Studio)*Unit(Studio)) + (SP VAT-ex (1 BR) *Unit (1BR))+ (SP VAT-ex(2BR)*Unit(2BR)) + (SP VAT-ex (3BR))*Unit(3BR)) + SP VAT-ex (4BR) * Unit *4BR)) /Unit(Total/Average


    is it a formula written on SP(VAT -ex) line item...?


    4. I tried to use Flr Area[select:Studio]*Units[select:Studio] and I got the Circular reference


    in which module are you writing this formula..?

    and what is the line item name...?