Need Help Regarding NPV

Hi all,

I need to replicate the formula from excel of NPV.

I've months of first year that sum up to a Year followed by 4 years.

Below is the structure of module.


Line items are in version dimension - That's a problem too.

                        col-     Jan 20...Dec 20 FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5     NPV

Row having no. list


I need to apply NPV on yearly level and show corresponding to  each member of Numbered list.

Like cashflow in FY1,FY2,FY3,FY4,FY5. 


I'm trying this


 Idk if this could work too - NPV= IF ITEM(Time) >= TIME.'FY20' THEN NPV(0.15, Amount) ELSE 0


Thanks in Advance


  • Hi @Akshit_kumar 

    Help me understand the problem better. 

    1. What do you mean "Line items are in version dimension"
    2.  How is the cashflow given/calculated for FY2-FY5
    3. Is the issue that you have months for the first year and then years after? 
    4. Can you send the Excel Formula you are trying to replicate please