Help with NPV Function: Anaplan differing from Excel


I am having trouble with the results of the NPV function in Anaplan versus that of Excel. In anaplan, I cannot control the scope of the time periods being passed into the NPV function. I am expecting a value beginning in Q2 FY18. However, the calculation returns a value beginning in Q1 FY17. My client is expecting the calculation to be the same as Excel. Any suggestions?


Anaplan NPV1.png

As you can see in the drill down, the entire timescale is being used. However, if you look at the last screenshot, Excel is only referencing specific "time periods" if you will.


Anaplan NPV.pngExcel NPV calculation.png


  • Kyle



    If this is a one time formula that doesn't need to adjust, then you could use an if statement similar to IF ITEM(Time) > TIME.'Q2 FY18' THEN ... or you could setup a line item that provides an adjusting criteria for the if statement. I hope this helps!





  • Other way would be to have a line item which is boolean formatted and then check the period from which npv calculation has to happen and then make it part of formula and try.