Sprint 2: DEM02 Module Formula



When creating the DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week module, the activity wants you to "Write a formula to pull Volume Growth Rates value (in months) from DEM01 module and convert to weekly value". However, under the Anapedia resource it links to explicitly states that the functions listed can aggregate from Weeks to Months but cannot segregate from Months to Weeks. Which is a problem, as it is what we need to do for this activity.


Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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  • @Joh04924 


    You are correct, you can’t “aggregate” /segregate from months to weeks. But you could use a formula that takes the monthly values and distribute it on weeks. 

    I believe the training was pointing you to these types of formulas, right?


    which formula were you considering?


  • This is true, the problem is that I cannot find any functions for segregating time.

    any suggestions? 

  • Hi @Joh04924,


    review the Time and Date Functions here: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Calculation_Functions/CF_Time_Date_Functions.htm


    Reading the description and thinking what you want to achieve (push down the value from month to week), you should figure out which function to use!


    Let me know if you managed?

  • @jasonblinn,


    Thank you, I took a second pass and found the solution in the examples


    For anyone else who was mislead by the wording of the Time Aggregation resource in Anapedia, look at the average example for the MONTHVALUE function.



  • Hi @Joh04924 


    You will notice here on the board that when we answer training related questions we try to guide the person to arrive at the solution on their own by explaining a concept with which they are having difficulty, rather than give the answer straight out.  This is not only to follow the code of ethics of the training but most importantly -to me- because part of the benefits of the training is to help you learn how to find the information on your own. This is a more valuable skill than learning the functions themselves 😊


    We are here to help if you have any further questions. Happy Planning 👍

  • Hi @Joh04924 

    For taking values from month and copying it to weeks , use the monthvalue() function, it takes the value at month level and puts it to all weeks in the month 



    Help on the function

  • Hi,

    I was struggling with this problem because my thinking was: If my monthly growth is 4%, my weekly growth should be 1% per week but my thinking was wrong. I will Give you the next example:


    Nov 2020 Sales: 1,000 with a growth of 4% is= 1000*(1.04) = 1040


    If  had it weekly ( I will use uniform distribution but the exercise is the same with any distribution)


    W1 Nov2020 250 with a growth of 4% is= 250*(1.04) = 260

    W2 Nov2020 250 with a growth of 4% is= 250*(1.04) = 260

    W3 Nov2020 250 with a growth of 4% is= 250*(1.04) = 260

    W4 Nov2020 250 with a growth of 4% is= 250*(1.04) = 260


    260*4= 1040.


    Pleas read analyze the example and get your conclusion. 


    Best Regards. 

  • I used the monthvalue formula. However summary Average; Time; Sum doesn't make sense.
    If the growth % for one month is 9% it's not the average of 2,25% as Anaplan suggests. 
    On a monthly basis that would result in 9,3% growth and not 9%.

    How to solve this?

  • I believe After using Monthvalue() we need to change summary as Sum and Time summary as Average

    MONTHVALUE('DEM01 Volume Growth Rates'.Growth %)