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Hi All,


I just wanted to understand few things about excel add-in feature in anaplan:


1. When I use pivot and filter to generate a view in excel using excel add in through anaplan and later the list which has been filtered in my excel ammends or changes in the module(e.g a new item has been added to the list or an existing item has been removed from the list) then how will the changes be reflected. Do I have to select that new list item in pivot and filter option to make it visible in excel or will it automatically start appearing. Secondly, if the list item has been removed from the list during ammendment then will it show me an error on clicking refresh button or will that list item automatically disappear?


2. When a new line item has been added to the module will it automatically start appearing in the module or will it have to be selected in the pivot and filter option to make it visible as I am filtering out the line items and showing only specific line items in the excel sheet.


3. I had created my excel worksheets using excel add in but now that model was copied and archived and currently we are using the unarchived version of that archived model. So, whenever I click on refresh button this gives me an error. So does it mean that the connection no longer exists and I will have to create new worksheets?


4. Once I have used pivot and filter and have saved my worksheet so whenever I refresh it or  login  and log out from anaplan through excel addin, will my format be always preserved?


5. Any kind of formula (using Vlookup) or formatting in excel applied will it be preserved always?


I'll be very thankful to you. If you could provide me the answer of the above mentioned questions.


Thanks in advance. 


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  • nathan_rudman
    number 3: with current versions a worksheet is linked to a model and that connexion cannot be changed.
    Version 4 of the addin in is going to bring the functionality of remaping a connexion to a new model.

    For addin or not, the practice is NEVER to run off of a copy of a model, you should always strive to keep with the original one. Want to archive your model ? Make a copy and archive the copy and continue on with the original model.
  • MagaliP
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    Exactly, just adding the links to the ideas: Ability to switch models in the Excel add-in - similar to this new idea

  • Misbah
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    @CommunityMember131357  It will be automatically pulled in and you dont have to do anything else apart from refreshing the sheet. 


  • Misbah



    Most of the answers are hidden here.For Question 1,2 4 and 5 if you check all these boxes in your Excel Add in settings, it will automatically pull the list items, keep your formatting and keep your formulae intact. There is also no maintenance on deletion whether list items or line items.




    For Question 3:  Yes I think so. Archiving makes it lose the connection but let me loop @MagaliP to confirm it


    Hope that helps


  • @Misbah,
    Thankyou for your reply.

    Also as the list item or line item will get automatically added, so will it just get automatically added in the filter and require us to select it or will it start appearing automatically in the sheet? As currently in the display in excel sheet we have selected line items or list items appearing through the pivot and filter option.

    Thanking you in advance.l

  • @Misbah ,Thanks for your response.

    Also, Can you please help me understand on how to control the access in excel add in.

    Example: I have a module created with dimension as combination list. So if a particular person belonging to one state should only retrieve the information of his particular region i.e. the list getting retrieved in excel should contain combinations only of his regions and data with respect to and not others. So is there any way to control this. As in Anaplan we have applied DCA (for write access) to restrict the data being input by the user in his particular region only but when The read/ write connection is being created in excel it is retrieving the entire information of all the regions.