Level 2- Sprint 3-INV04 Distribution Center Capacity

Could someone help me with the formulas for these line items.
1.Distribution Center Capacity

2. Percentage full

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  • Misbah
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    1. You just have to refer it to Distribution Center Summary Module

    2. This will be your beginning inventory and Distribution center capacity.



  • @Misbah 


    For the Distribution Center Capacity, I understand that i have to look up against the SYS 8 Module for the list of distribution centers. 

    By setting my capacity module as a source and distribution module as a target i am unable to map successfully. 

    May i eek your help as i have been stuck on just this line item for the longest of time.



  • Hi, 


    You can simply import data directly from 'SYS07 Distribution Center Details'.Capacity to Distribution Center Capacity line item. 


    Hope this helps!