Level 2 Sprint 1 User Story 3 Import Data into DAT01 Beginning Inventory



My upload doesn't work. Should I manually map all numbers to the Beginning Inventory? Is my mapping looking right? I think I'm missing something.



  • Hi @qchen 


    You should change the mapping of the DAT01 line item from column 3 “Beginning Inventory” to Column Header.

  • qchen

    Thanks much Einas!

  • I am having an issue with the import. Any reason the beg bal is not being picked up in the file.




  • These screenshots show how I am importing the beg bal. Not sure what the issue is.





  • Hi @JimMcL 


    First a general note to all:
    I suggest new issues should be posted in a new thread. I believe it is more efficient to post new issues separately instead of tagging it to another issue that may or may not be relevant. Sometimes even though the 2 topics are related to the same module/import/line item .... etc, the issues in each are different.
    I believe this way when a community member is searching for an answer to his/her question they can easily find it.



    Now to the main issue:

    From the screenshots you provided, it looks like the locations are not mapped. That's the reason why Anaplan doesn't know where to place the data for Beginning Inventory since we need both a location and SKU.

    So your focus should be on why the locations are not mapped?
    It seems that the Location - and hence the list subset - may not be populated. So start from that list.

    This is the same answer given in your other post here


  • Sorry if I am missing something simple. Here is the G3 list which was already populated. Thank you for your help.




  • I figured it out. Thanks again.

  • @JimMcL 




    could you please briefly write what was the issue and what was the solution. 
    That will help others who may face the same issue in the future. 

  • I had the same issue. The subset "s Location Flat:Distribution Centers?" on the Location Flat list was not populated. Once the subset was populated, the import worked correctly. 

  • Hello @zacv20 


    That would be a very valid reason to cause such a problem and was the first thing thought about, however, in the last screenshot @JimMcL provided if the G3 Location List, I saw the subset populated. 

    Thats why I believe it’s important to help other Anaplanners by listing not just the issue but it’s solution 


  • I agree! Without the detailed description of the solution, the rest of us looking up the same issue on the community are left in the dark.