Level 2 Conclusion DEM04 Demand Export



Could you tell me what I am doing wrong in this formula.
Demand = 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product]


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    Check the dimensionality of your source module and target module and decide if you need LOOKUP or SUM.

  • Hi @Misbah',


    I am also stuck on this question. I am struggling to understand why my mappings are not correct if the source module has the following dimentions: SKU, Accounts.

    This is my formula: 'DEM03 Demand Forecast'.Final Forecast[SUM:'SYS08 SKU Details'.Code,SUM:'SYS09 Account Details'.Location]


    Could you please help me understand where am I going wrong? 


    Thank you!

  • @einas.ibrahim , you really helped me out! Thank you so much for such an elaborate explanation!

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    I'm glad it was helpful.
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  • Your explanation made so much more sense to me than the training itself.  Thank you.

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    Thank you and shhhhhh, "they" will hear you and get mad at me 😂

    Seriously, I'm happy I was able to help, if you have other questions please let me know.

  • Hi @einas.ibrahim 


    I Use direct reference for my DEM04 demand formula referencing to DEM03 and did not use any of SUM OR LOOKUP function as suggested by you. But this is regarding the importing of file while doing to DAT02 in the FPA model, I am unable to get my SKU & LOCATION code as can be seen in detail in the below link, where I seek guidance but did not receive any reply, so seeking out to you.




    Can you help me why my solution didn't match with smithevan18  as he was suggesting that we are missing on SUM formula for our location line item?

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    Happy to assist. 
    Can you please separate this issue from other issues or posts. It will be clearer for me to understand and also make it easier for others to clearly find solutions to their issue in the future.

    There are at least 2 different posts with different issues. I'll appreciate it if you create a new post simply explaining the issue you are facing.

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  • @einas.ibrahim 

    Care to explain a little more? Here is my issue:


    I have a list that provides roles (name and code). I have data that provides employee and their role. In order to do a LOOKUP, I need to have my dimension as a list. Under the module that has the data, do I need an additional Line Item that associates the Role list to the Employee data?


    Thank you

  • @asage 
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    We are trying to organize the forums to make it easier for the community members when looking for answers. It seems like your issue is slightly different from the original issue of this post. It might even be for a completely different training.

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    In relation to your specific question:

    Some clarifications are needed. Please clarify which are your modules (source and target if you can), a Lookup is not done on a list, but rather a module.
    I believe if you arranged your information as I did in the screenshot below, It will be easier for you to form the question more clearly and for us to answer. You might even find the solution yourself.😊
    Focus on the top 2 lines only for now.


    I'll be looking out for your independent post. Please make sure you mention me so I get notified.

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  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Thank you for such a great explanation. I was using a LOOKUP and you made this issue very easy to understand. 




  • Thank you @ConRourke 

    It makes me so happy to know I was able to simplify a concept and help someone. Please let me know if you have other issues in the future - by mentioning me in your post- and I'll be very happy to help when I can.

  • I had the same issue, just use one of the two functions, and don't over-read into the above explanation too much, Location wasn't mentioned in the explanation if that makes sense, so the problem you are looking to solve might not be the same, and you might need to use a function.
  • This is the best explanation i have come across about sum and lookup. Thank you
  • Thank you @cbevishnu1 

    You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I really appreciate it. Best of luck to you on your journey. 🍀

  • @einas.ibrahim thank you for the elaborate explanation! There were quite a few possibilities I was thinking of while trying to understand whether to use SUM or LOOKUP. However, the solution to the formula is pretty straightforward. Thanks, to your explanaiton, all those possibilities were covered up.

  • Hey @einas.ibrahim ,
    Thank you for the explanation , this cleared out so many things for me , but still when I take direct refernce for demand , the values are not matching with the example anaplan provided , can you please help me in uderstanding why is it so ?

    My output-



    Anaplan example to check work-




  • @einas.ibrahim 


    Hey, Great explanation thanks

  • Hi Jash06, to get the output as it is in the exercise, you should add a sum statement with the SYS09 account details. This will allow you to aggregate by location.