L1 MB Certification Test: EMP02 Employee Expenses


Hi- I'm trying to update the formulas to reference the drivers in EMP03 Employee Drivers by role. I keep getting an error when i try to update the formula. Do you know why this error is happening?

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  • Kanishq17
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    Hi @Kevinc107 

    Your source module is dimensioned by department and role and target is dimensioned by employee , so in order to refer value , you need to esatblish mapping between all source and target dimensions , so in the lookup formula, you must use department and role mappings of the sys 08 module ans make sure they are list formatted to the department and role dimensions




  • Hi Kevin,


    If the formula has to work then it should consider getting source and target module at same dimensions.

    In the formula written the source module dimension doesn't match with the target.


    Recheck your formula.

    Check whether the source module being referenced is right.



  • Hi Did you find the solution of this issue. I am also facing the same issue with Formula. Can you please share