Single formula for different list items




I have a list called Apple having items A,B, A+B. A+B should contain the addition of data of A and B.

In the module i have a line item called data and applies to Apple list. I have to write the logic for Data line item such that the module shows up values for A, B and A+B should have addition of values of A and B. Note- A and B takes values from source module D.


Please can you suggest some ideas.





  • don't you simply have a parent for A and B in the list ? it will sum

  • anirudh

    Hi Rajasekhar,


    This is a straitjacket solution that I don't recommend because it will not scale but here's what you can do

    1. In a line item get your data against the Apple list from Module D using whatever method you're using now.

    Ex: D.Data[SUM: D.Apple]

    I will call this line item as Source Data

    2. Create another line item with the formula:

    IF ITEM(Apple) <> Apple.'A+B' THEN Source Data ELSE Source Data[SELECT: Apple.A] + Source Data[SELECT: Apple.B]

    This line item will have the data in the fashion you've specified

    The issue with this is if you need A+B+C, you will have to manually edit the formula to add Source Data[SELECT: Apple.C]

    Another issue is that this list cannot be made a production list


    Let me know if this works for you


    Alternatively, as @nathan_rudman mentioned, you can just rename the Top Level or parent of the Apple list to 'A+B' and it will aggregate just fine




  • hi @Rajasekhar 

    You can assign A+B as parent of A ,B items, it will automatically sum up else you can use sourced.value[select item.A]=[item.B]


  • Thank you so much, This works.