NUX Worksheet Select All Branch in Show Hide panel


As a user, I want to filter quickly my worksheet by selecting specific item in the needed hierarchy and all their branch.

If I select South Korea country, I want to display all South Korea clients and South Korea POS also.

One solution could be to add "Select All Branch" right to the item "South Korea".


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  • Miran
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  • Agree this will improve the user experience quite a bit. 

  • I think this would be beneficial for customers that come from other planning systems to Anaplan. A lot (even very old) planning systems, have the option to show "All leaf notes" as a standard feature. In classic this was done with additional filter modules, but NUX gets crazy overloaded when trying the same. Often this is necessary to show for example two countries and all leaf notes in one go.

  • Really looking forward to this!

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