ANAPLAN API : Get dump files from process with any action



I'have an issue, when i tried to retreive the dump file from a process with multiple actions, the API returns a 404 status code.


The URL called :[WORKSPACE_ID]/models/[MODEL_ID]/processes/[PROCESS_ID]/dumps/[OBJECT_ID]


Where the Object Id comes from the task result where "failureDumpAvailable" is set to true.


Can someone help me ?




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  • ben_speight
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    If you provided an Accept header in the request, it should include application/octet-stream. Other reasons for that status are if the task ID didn't relate to a process but some other action, the task hadn't completed when you requested the dump, or possibly you ran the same import again after this task.



  • I think you're missing /tasks/[TASK_ID] in between [PROCESS_ID] and /dumps

  • Thanks,


    But now i've a new status code "406 Not acceptable".


    In Task Result : 

            "objectName""Failures for Import 158",
    the end of the url to obtains the dump :
  • Thanks,

    I had put a wrong Accept header value, with 'application/octet-stream' value, it's work.