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So I have completed the Level 1 MB training, I have moved onto the Assessment portion in order to be L1MB Certified. However, I have stumbled upon a build that I do not remember learning. I went back to every single Level within the Level1 MB and was not able to get any answers or direction upon which to build. I would really appreciate any help possible, I am trying to just move on to the question portion in order to complete the assessment. Thank you!


Issue: Building a formula for a module for its volume list by pulling data from another module


  • Hi @ifeldman ,


    Can you share a bit more details? If you have any printscreens would be helpful to understand what you need to do.




  • Hi @Constantin, since my question pertains to the L1MB assessment, I cannot post questions formatted from the exam. However to give you more context, I have to make a formula for the line item 'Volume' in REV02VolumesInput. Hope that provides you enough information to help me out, thanks in advance!

  • @ifeldman 


    I believe you can directly refer from the input data module as there dimension is at P3 SKU and target is at P2 product, so since P3 rolls up to p2 , the value will automatically be aggregated so use input module.line item in REV02

  • @Kanishq17 


    Thank you for your response! Can you be a tad bit more specific about the type of formula I would use with those different sections?

  • @ifeldman 

    As far as i remember Rev02 module is populated by import action (Volume input.CSV).

    The CSV file was shared as part of course.




  • Hi @ifeldman 

    Just use DATA02 Input volume.volume as formula in the rev02 line item as it is direct reference

  • I imported the "employee" csv file, but it did not show all the columns, what did I do wrong and how can I correct? I've attached both CSV file and a download of excel file from my model. Thanks