Previous of Same Line Item in Customized Time Scale


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Any suggestion for using the previous formula in a custom time scale? 


Scenario: Using Previous of same line item in Custom Timescale


Module : Products as Dimension, Current Week and Future Weeks (Custom Timescale)

Line Items :

Planned Order       

Purchased Order

Final Forecast

Inv Projection 



Inv Projection line item logic should be- If current week then Planned Order + Purchase order - Final Forecast if not current week then Previous(Inv Projection)+ Planned Order + Purchase order - Final Forecast 




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  • anirudh
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    Hi Aish,


    Do the following in the time scale system module and not in the list. For simplicity's sake, I'm explaining it as list properties


    Go to the custom time scale list and create 4 properties:

    1. Date - Date formatted property. This should be the first day of the week

    Ex: Week Of 13th July 2020 should be 07/13/2020


    2. Last Week Date - Another date formatted property. Formula:

    Date - 7

    Result will be 07/06/2020


    3. Week Name - Text formatted. Convert Last Week Date to the name of the custom time scale.

    Result will be Week Of 6th July, 2020

    Note: This property should match the name or code of the custom time scale list


    4. Previous Week - Format this with the custom time scale list. Formula:

    FINDITEM(Custom Time Scale, Week Name)


    Let me know if this works





  • nathan_rudman

    you need to code you fake time over real time and do previous there.


    I explained it in this post:


  • @Ani , this works to get the previous week, but I would like to get the calculated line item previous weeks data
  • Misbah



    You will run into circular reference issues. @anirudh 's solution will take you to the point where you can get the previous week. Next steps are using LOOKUP to get the data for previous week but when you use that in your final line item you may run into Circular reference issues. One way I can think of doing is to create a mapping between Custom Time Scale and Native Time Scale and take it from there.

  • @Misbah  you are mentioning to convert to native timescale and use the previous function? 

  • Thanks @nathan this helps.