Default Behavior for editing a date-formatted line item in NUX


As an Anaplan NUX end user, when I edit a date (either by double-clicking, hitting F2 to edit, or just start typing) the current behavior for date-formatted line items is that my cursor and subsequent keyboard inputs defaults to the end of whatever's currently in that cell.  For example, if 7/31/2020 is currently in a cell and I want to update to 8/31/2020, currently the behavior is that 1) i choose to edit the cell by one of the options listed above 2) since the cursor currently defaults to the end of the current data i have to backspace the full '7/31/2020', then i type in '8/31/2020'.  If i neglect to backspace everything, when I start typing I end up with the non-sensical '7/31/20208/31/2020'


I would like this to behave as other systems typically do in this regard where: when I choose to edit the cell by one of the options listed above, by default the cursor selects everything in the cell such that when i begin typing, it will wipe out what's currently there.  The net result of this ought to be that i no longer have to manually backspace the full '7/31/2020' and instead will just have to type in the new date.



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