Changing cell properties

Hello Anaplaners: I have a following questions - 1. Is there any way that lets me change the properties of a cell based on certain values?  For example, If flag in cell A is set then I want to make Cell B non-editable (without loosing its contents)  I tried several different ways but I get circular refernce error for the approach I adopted. Thanks! - Akshay Oak.

Best Answer

  • Are you looking to make the value uneditable for permissions or security purposes?

    As far as I know, the only way to make a cell non-editable is either with permissions or to have a formula in the cell. However, you cannot remove or control either of those with values from another cell. Hopefully, that helps to answer your question.


  • Hello Elizabeth:

    I am not trying to make value non-editable for security reasons. For that, I think best way will be is to handle it via roles.

    This use-case is to achieve what I am trying to achieve in my other post. (That is prevent changes to certain cells based on few a few other conditions)

    In general, some way to let user know that a few cells are no longer available to edit. (Either by making them non-editable, hard restriction) or atleast by indicaton such as making cell background black etc. Hence the question whether we will be able to change the cell properties dynamically.

    Also, what I observe is Anaplan allows only 2 way or 3 way conditional formatting? So, what if I want to change cell color based on only 1 value and not on the intervals?

    Thanks! - Akshay Oak.
  • You cannot conditionally format just on 1 value, but the colors you can select can be either white (usual background) or the color you select. Conditionally formatting the cell that you can no longer edit would be the only variable way to indicate that to an end user.