How to create a Saved View using Actions


Hi Friends,


I have a Module.

And I want to create a Saved View (of filtering) by Action.


Is it possible?






  • Hi @Sravan_Kumar 


    If I am understanding you correctly, you want to create a saved view using an action that you could run instead of the model builder actually selecting View> Save As, correct?


    If that's the case then the answer is No. There are currently 7 predefined types of actions (check them under Actions> New Actions.

    I am curious though, what is the goal you are trying to achieve? 

    If you want to dynamically filter a grid, you can do that easily.



    • End-User selects onion from a drop-down list in a dashboard
    • The grid is automatically filtered to only view the Veggie List rows where veg = [whatever the user selected from the dropdown]


    If this seems like what you are trying to achieve, let me know and we can go through how to implement it.


    For example 

  • @Sravan_Kumar 

    I like this question. It really gets down to the heart of the issue of saved views vs. subsets and there is a great video you can watch about that here.

    Reading into your question a bit here, but if you are trying to create a new saved view with an action, you cannot do that. But, you can simulate it.

    • Generally, you will create a formula that generates the Boolean you want - like if it's an Onion. Then create a saved-view.
    • Your action, to find the Onions, will run based on that criteria. You may have to set up several actions if you have more than one criteria.
    • For example, you may create a drop down that selects the vegetable. Part of the acction (or process) records that vegetable and uses it in your Boolean. Your saved view reads the criteria and generates only the vegetable your end user selected.
    • Alternatively, to automate, you'll need to generate an export that contains the decision tree. Then your external process will evaluate the contents of the export and run the appropriate action that uses the saved view you're interested in.