Formula error while pulling data from one module to another



My goal is to get the 'total volume' of product being used for certain year by different cities. 

Below are the two data set which have been successfully mapped into Anaplan

I want to pull data from DATA02 into REV02 to achieve my goal. 


 DATA02- (data SKU Volumes) 


TARGET: REV02- (data Volume Inputs)



I tried using LOOKUP function but somehow unable to use it. 





What is the right way to map data so that my goal is achieved?





  • Hi @ankulkarni 


    I guess when you say "successfully mapped into Anaplan", by mapped you mean imported. Mapping means something else.


    Generally, when we want to  reference a line item from a source module into a target module (where the data should end), we could have a couple of cases:

    1. The dimensions of both modules are the same. In this case a direct reference such as Line Item = Sourrce Module. Line item will do the job.
    2. The dimensions of the modules are different. In this case, we need to use mapping and a LOOKUP or SU 

    Here are the dimensions of the module you mentioned. 

    Module REV02 (Target) is dimensioned by: 

    1. G3 Location  
    2. P2 Product (Parent of P3)
    3. Time: Months

    Module DAT02 (Source) is dimensioned by:

    1. G3 Location 
    2. P3 SKU
    3. Time: Months

    Do you think we need to use direct reference or mapping here?


  • fuvasm

    Hi @ankulkarni


    Your source data is by P3 / G3 / Month while Target is by P2 / G3 / Month. Take note in Anaplan, if you have setup composite hierarchy Lists, data will aggregate automatically and you dont have to use any function. So in your case, P3 will aggregate to P2 (based on parent child relationship), and G3 / Month will map directly.


    I notice subsidiary view in your blueprint view snapshot - kindly correct that before you reference source module line item.



  • Hi @fuvasm ,


    😊Thank you for your note. I wasn't actually "asking", I was trying to help @ankulkarni arrive at the answer himself. But you are certainly correct.

    @ankulkarni even though your line item has the same Time and Version as for the module, and you haven't specified a different dimension for the Line Item, you do have a subsidiary view. Why is that?

    If you notice the Line Item's "applies to" you'll see that it is blank; it should have a dash "-" instead to denote that it uses the same List dimensions as the module. It's a subtle issue. 

  • Hello @einas.ibrahim
    Please can you help me i'm trying to solve the problem and i'm stack because get confuse how to pull the data from two module with similar dimensions.
  • Hello @erijustine 

    Which part is confusing you? If the 2 modules have the same dimensions then you can directly reference the data you need in the source module as it
    If you have modules A and B both have the same dimensions and you want to write a formula in module A that reference a line item in module B you simply use the formula
    B.desired line item

  • Hello @einas.ibrahim 

    thanks for elaboration, ok so something still hold me is when the other commenter say before write reference formula you should correct the subsidiary view, I'm not sure if that is the issue with may data as well or it something you should do before you reference data. i have read the way to correct the subsidiary view by writing "-"  blueprint view for source module.JPGbuleprint 1 target module.JPGgrid view for source module.JPGgrid view for target module.JPGso should i do that too with this my data before i write reference or what. thanks again.

  • Why do you have the locations as line items in the module?
    The location should be a list.

    Please go back to the beginning of the section in the training and read it more carefully.
  • Hello @einas.ibrahim again.

    i believe i did some correct but still i dont why i'm getting this empty data after import sku volume data, i'm doubt my date format but i'm not sure if that is reason so please can double check for and show my where i make mistake.blueprint sku volume import with empty visibility.JPGg3 location set.JPGimport volume date format.JPGimport volume from data volumes svc.JPGimporting volume to sku volume with different data format.JPGmapping the volume input.JPGp sku set.JPGvolume set.JPG

  • @erijustine 


    Why do you have the Volume mapped to a fixed source? Fixed means the value is the same for every cell/dimension. For example, if you are importing data for the month of January only then the time dimension would be mapped to Fixed (Jan). If you are importing Actuals data only then the Version dimension would be mapped to Fixed (Actuals).
    However, the Volume data is stored in the line item, correct? do you see that?

  • Hi@ einas.ibrahim

    Thanks for you help. i correct that and fix the error.