Ability to remove deleted action from New UX


As a Page Builder, I want to be able to remove actions from New UX card even after they are deleted from the model. Currently, once action is deleted from the model, toggle switch for that action disappears, and I can no longer remove the action from the card — I have to delete the whole card and add again a new card with every action that was before on the initial card.


It would be better if we can just add each action from the list on the left (as it is now), but to remove the action from the card we can click some trash can icon next to the action (or some button next to the field where we can edit the name of the action). Another benefit of this solution would be that I wouldn't have to search for the action which I want to remove from the card (if it's still available in the source model), like I have to do now.


So this small change would save me time spent when I want to remove some actions from the card.

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