Question on Formula for headers and line items


I am trying to create formulas for a P/L account. I need Line items but I need the formulas across the columns to be different. I  cant find any details to this on your website.


How is this possible?


Gross will link to another module

I/C will be Gross multiplied by % with another module

Net I am taking the 1st two away from one another





  • anirudh

    Hi @ciara 


    You will have to employ Line Item Subsets

    Create line items for each member of the P&L and apply formulas as desired

    Then make these line items into Line item subsets


    More details here


    Let me know if you need more help




  • ciara

    @anirudh  Hi, Thanks, I have tried that and the forumlas wont breakdown. For the Revenue line, I need a different formula in each column and when I try insert subsets the formula drags down to each line item in the column 

  • Hi @ciara 
    Before I suggest a solution can you please help me confirm my understanding of the issue 


    1. The P&L line item such as Revenue and COGs are Line Items in the modules?
    2. The items in the columns are in a List?
    3. What are the other dimensions in the module?
    4. What is the logic for calculating the different values in the columns?
      1. Some are multiplied by a ratio from another module and others are a simple addition/subtraction?

    I had to add a KPI line item on a P&L which had a different calculation for each P&L line item (P&L was a Line Item Subset). I think that might work with your situation.


  • ciara

    Thanks for getting back to me.


    1- The Line items are line items (The normal P/L items)

    2-  I put the rows as a subset (Ext RI, Net, Gross etc)

    3- Other dimesions are time, and entities. ( I hope to link the gross to another module then use the other columns to build formulas off the Gross figures.)

    4. So the Gross is the total (which I am taking from another module) then the other ones I am using ratios to multiply the gross to break it down and others just to subtract. 


    My issue when doing this is the formula will link all items in gross to revenue rather then to the matching name.


    Hopefully I am making myself clear. Apologies if I am not.