EMP02 Module_ Level 1

Data was successfully imported, mapped and formulation was correct as well in EMP02 module W.r.t EMP03 and SYS08 however, the value for Dec 2020 is not the right answer. 

Now I am confused as in what exactly went wrong. Can somebody please guide?






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  • fuvasm
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    Hi @ankulkarni,

    If you say your data import is complete and no error in formula, however, your final value is not correct, it could imply;

    1. value in source data missing (no error during data import doesn't mean your source data is correct! there could be missing values or wrong values too)
    2. mapping is incomplete (employee doesn't have either Department or Role assigned, again due to missing info in source file)

    Keep in mind, you are referencing data from source module based on lookup function in mapping table (reading employee to Dept / Role relationship). Please check your source (SYS08 and EMP03) and reload if necessary. 



  • I just tried by re importing the data and it worked, even though for one answer i cannot make edits. 


    Thank you for giving me the perspective